Parent Community

Since the beginning, the school has relied on its community of parents to help sustain its family spirit, and we like to think that their continued support and contributions have played a crucial role in making Acorn the school it is today.

We encourage parents to stay involved with their child’s education through frequent visits to the school and by establishing a good relationship with their teachers. In this way, the school can work together with parents to give their children the kind of education and learning approaches that are right for them and inspire confidence in them. Having your child educated at Acorn does not finish at the gate; it is a commitment for the whole family, as the parents are as important in their child’s education as the teachers. The school’s charter offers guidelines for how parents can support the ethos and education at The Acorn School, helping to keep the child’s upbringing consistent.

Throughout the year there are festival days and fairs, where children, parents and teachers come together to celebrate. Parents are encouraged to join in with the organising and running of these occasions, for we pride ourselves on being a ‘family school’.