Dress Code

While there is no mandatory uniform for students to wear during their time at school, we do have a general dress code that asks pupils to maintain a level of smartness in their appearance. Suggested clothes include:


  • Skirts or dresses, no shorter than knee-length, with tights, or smart trousers/shorts.
  • Blouse, with a sensible cardigan/jumper
  • Sensible leather shoes

  • Sensible leather shoes. No open-toe sandals.
  • Trousers. No jeans at all.
  • Shirt and plain sweater.

Clothing that is not acceptable are:

  • Any clothes bearing print and noticeable logos
  • Tracksuits (unless for sports and gym lessons)
  • Scruffy shoes/trainers
  • Any frayed clothing

You will find the full dress code in the Parents’ Charter.