A Typical School Day

8.20 am Children arrive, and morning movement commences for the Upper School. This consists of 25 minutes of exercise to wake up the senses.
8.45 am Main lesson (a single subject is studied in 3-4 week blocks, from 8.45am – 10.30 am daily.
10.30 am Break time.
11 am Subject lessons (1 hour each; sometimes double lessons). The focus is on academic subjects such as mathematics, English, sciences, languages etc.
1 pm Lunchtime.
1.30 pm Subject lessons (45 minutes each; often double lessons). The focus in the afternoons is art, craft and physical education.
3 pm School ends. (3.30 pm for the Upper School)

Each morning will begin with some physical activity for the older students and the saying of the morning verse within each class throughout the school. The verses are drawn from the words of the educationist, Rudolf Steiner, and offer the students a moment to collect themselves and start the day in a focused, centred state of being. (Lower School verse can be found here and Upper School verse is available here.)

Additional things to note:

  • Monday mornings: 8.45 am assembly for entire school. Parents are more than welcome.
  • Pupils of Classes 1 and 2 only have half-days of school (8.45 am – 1 pm). As Class 2 progresses, full days are introduced slowly. On Fridays, the entire school finishes at 1 pm.
  • Weekends away are scheduled approximately once a month. Normally, the group departs from school after 1pm on Friday and returns on Sunday afternoon.