Results Day at The Acorn School: Our Pathway to University

Written by The Acorn School

Today sixth form students across the country received their A level results and have had their university places confirmed or otherwise. Today is like any other day for the students of The Acorn School because they don’t sit state examinations. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not moving on to higher education – they are. Indeed, we have had another excellent year with all of our students who applied for university achieving places, direct from The Acorn School, with no GCSEs or A-levels.

Our students undergo a broad and thorough secondary education with a focus on academic, creative and physical development. Whilst students in mainstream education are studying for their A levels, our students are specialising in the subjects of their choice and drawing on all the academic skills they have learnt through their education to carry out in-depth, self-directed studies, in preparation for university education. Under the guidance of their teachers, students produce work of exceptional quality and are assessed on a variety of criteria including written assignments, presentations, artwork and examinations. In addition to their chosen academic focus, students continue lessons in art, craft, and physical education, and go on a variety of outdoor cultural and adventure trips.

Over the past 25 years, this method of education has seen 100% of students who have applied to university achieve a place, direct from the school. Furthermore, the diversity of the education they receive at Acorn, which focuses on building confident, freethinking young individuals, sees these students achieve excellent degrees, with some opting to progress on to postgraduate study.

This year our students have been accepted to study a variety of subjects, including Spanish and Russian, Ship Science, Anthropology, History of Art, Urban Planning, and Business, at a selection of universities including University of Bristol, University of Southampton, The Courtauld Institute, Cardiff University, and Brunel University.

We would like to congratulate our final year students and those students across the country who received their results today and wish them all good luck with the next stage of their academic career.