Tilda Swinton defends parents’ right to opt out of state education, October, 2013.

Tilda Swinton speak to the Telegraph in support of alternative schools, with reference to the great success of The Acorn School in achieving university places without state examinations.

How to get into university without any A-levels, August 2013.

Mention of The Acorn School in this article published by The Guardian in August 2013, looking at gaining access to university without A-levels.

Cotswold Preview School Profile: The Acorn School. July-August, 2013, page 141.

Three-page school profile in the local magazine, ‘Cotswold Preview’, published as an interview with Graeme Whiting, the founder of The Acorn School.

The Acorn School in Nailsworth given top marks by government inspector. June, 2012.

Article on the local Stroud News and Journal website that reports on The Acorn School’s most recent Ofsted report ‘A UNIQUE and innovative approach to education has earned The Acorn School in Nailsworth a glowing report from Ofsted’.

The school that focuses on “building a personality and getting you ready for life”, December, 2009.

Article on the BBC website that looks at The Acorn School’s approach to education. “Universities are changing because they’re overwhelmed by three As and are looking for something different.”

Three words that sum up the school: child-centred, excellence and holistic, November, 2009.

Interview with Graeme Whiting, the headmaster, in the Times Educational Supplement: “I am more interested in developing able, upright citizens with strong positive values than teaching pupils how to jump through hoops.”

Sarah Whiting interviewed on BBC Radio, September, 2009.

“The only school in Britain that has direct entry to universities without public examinations.” Teacher Sarah Whiting and former student Dhyana Kim talk about The Acorn School’s approach to education, creating rounded individuals through its broad based curriculum.

Getting into university with no exams, August, 2009.

Article on BBC Gloucestershire site about how “The Acorn School in Nailsworth is believed to be the only school in Britain where those who want to apply to university do so without any exam grades.”

Academics and teachers oppose the target-driven nature of the early years curriculum, May, 2009.

In an article in The Daily Telegraph, Rosie Stephens, the school’s secretary and parent of a child in the kindergarten, says she refuses to allow her daughter “to be a statistic”.

The Government’s curriculum for under-fives restricts children’s natural development, April, 2009.

Acorn School headmaster, Graeme Whiting, tells The Times: “We don’t want to drive children into early learning and assessment or to be inhibited whilst they are in the middle of their formative years.”

The school that becomes a family, April, 2006.

Article on the BBC News website describing The Acorn School, “for those who want an alternative with high standards”.

The Acorn School receives an outstanding Ofsted report, November, 2005.

Ofsted report praises the school’s “excellent teaching and the exemplary behaviour of its highly motivated students”. “Our ethos is simple,” says Graeme Whiting, the headmaster. “We respect and treasure childhood and adolescence”