An update from Romania

Written by James Whiting

Our Upper School students are spending Half Term in Romania and we’re here to give you a mid-trip update on what they’ve been up to.

The students have settled into rural Romanian life and have enjoyed a wide variety of activities, both cultural and adventurous in nature.

They have fully embraced the Romanian cuisine and have prepared several traditional meals, many of which were cooked on an open fire under the guidance of our Romanian hosts. There were no shortcuts, with the process for each meal beginning with wood collection and fire making and culminating with a delicious feast.

As well as experiencing life in the countryside, the students have also ventured into the local towns and cities, looking at the rich history of Transylvania with its famous fortified churches.

As the temperatures dropped, the students headed into the Carpathian Mountains where they started a steady climb to the hut where they would spend the night. They were faced with deep snow and cold conditions which, although not planned, provided a great challenge. All students rose to this endeavour and pushed through, finally reaching the hut, at 1540m, by torch light. A great achievement for all.

After a good sleep the student were greeted with clearing skies, fresh snow, and recharged legs ready for an enjoyable descent.

The students are now back at base, ready to enjoy their last few days of the trip with a variety of experiences planned…