Upper School

Upper School (Classes Nine to Twelve)

At the age of fifteen, students are ready to move into the Upper School and onto the more academic curriculum and study approach intended to cultivate the intellect. All the practical and creative education of the past eight years will have prepared them sufficiently for this transition, allowing them to learn new subjects and interests with added depth.

Academic EducationThese older students also enjoy a variety of sports and outdoor activities, as well as trips and weekends away camping, surfing, wakeboarding, etc. Main lessons continue to be taught all the way through to Class Twelve (age 18), and the eschewal of state exams means that pupils can continue to study a broad selection of subjects, while those in their final year focus on independently-researched modules on topics of their choice, in the place of A Levels. Past module subjects include ‘Philosophy’, ‘Astronomical Science’, and ‘Anatomy and Physiology’

Once these modules have been completed, they are hand-bound by the students in bookbinding lessons and become the hallmark of their education, which they can then present to prospective employers and universities. It is through these modules that Acorn students can show what remarkable young people they are, and let their merits and maturity shine forth to set them apart from their peers both in integrity and in excellence of character.