Physical Education

The physical and outdoor education programme at The Acorn School is designed to instill confidence, physical ability, team building and decision-making in its students. Physical education has always been a core element of the school’s curriculum, and daily physical activities allows our students to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Formal IMG_6943_zpsd7ff3f10gymnastics and games lessons begin in Class 3 (age 9)  and becomes an increasingly integral part of pupils’ time at school as they grow older.

Large playing fields close to the school and a public school swimming pool, as well as a local leisure centre, are used for the additional space and facilities they provide, while the school regularly sees its main hall turned into a gymnasium for gym lessons, where students learn to fly and dive and bounce their way into an active adolescence, with a variety of gymnastic exercises being achieved, often to a very high standard.

Our gym teachers are all highly-trained and experienced gymnasts and sportspeople who will guide students through the course of their athletic education and ensure the safety and wellbeing of students at all times.