Lower School

Lower School (Classes One to Eight)

The Lower School starts with children aged 7 or turning 7 during the academic year, and proceeds until the child reaches the age of 14. The curriculum for these younger students is designed to help them form an understanding of the world and their relation to it through lessons and activities that encourage the development of their inner senses, such as intuition and imagination, along with important skills such as literacy, numeracy, arts and crafts.

These early years are when the children are actively discovering the world around them through their senses and growing faculties. Lesson subjects are therefore shaped to support this aspect of pupils’ growth and incorporate an abundance of physical and practical activities, which support this stage of development.

The subjects taken expand in range as the children get older and enter a second developmental stage with the emergence of feeling as a perceptive medium within the individual. The curriculum content therefore changes accordingly, to include more creative subjects and to provide an outlet and a platform for self-expression and exploration.