Life After The Acorn School

Throughout their time at school, pupils are encouraged to develop new ideas and interests that can later feature more prominently in their final year modules.

For students who are interested in applying for a university place after graduating from Acorn, entrance can be gained through a guided process with help and advice from their teachers.

So far, no student from Acorn applying for university has failed to gain entrance to university. On the contrary, many of the school’s alumni have gone on to impress both tutors and peers alike with their insightfulness and depth of character, their highly individualised creativity, and their dedication to producing work of first-class quality. There have been students who have successfully gone on to study Medicine, Law, Sports Science, Anthropology, Art, Music, and Literature, with glowing reports from their universities. Acorn takes great pride in having been a part of the process that saw these pupils become such outstanding individuals, and we always look forward to seeing where their next steps in life will take them.