Extra Curricular

Extra-curricular Activities

Alongside a diverse, dynamic curriculum, the school offers some exciting extra-curricular activities for students who wish to engage in sports outside school hours. These activities include gymnastics club, swim club, adventure weekends away, water sports and summer, spring and winter camps.

P3270071In addition, Upper School students have the chance to travel to Europe to visit various centres of art as an extension to the school’s excellent History of Art main lessons. Summertime is the time when William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is performed by Upper School students, among other plays and performances done throughout the classes, during the school year.

All extra-curricular outdoor and adventurous trips and activities are led by the school’s team of highly experienced and qualified leaders. They are fantastic opportunities for pupils to discover the higher potential of their physical abilities, as well as to share their successes and stories with classmates and other students in a sociable, bonding experience. There is an emphasis on maintaining a supportive, encouraging attitude in all students, and so hard competitiveness is bypassed in favour of friendly competition that motivates and challenges pupils to give their best.