Teaching Staff

All staff at the school are dedicated to maintaining a high level of education and ensuring students’ wellbeing throughout their time at school. With a considerable wealth of experience, each class teacher is well equipped to provide students with stimulating material presented in a creative and engaging way.

Pupils between the ages of 7 and 14 are guided by their respective Class Teacher, who remains their teacher throughout their time in the Lower School, ensuring continuity and stability in school life. Upper School students (15-18) enjoy a diverse range of subjects taught by a selection of highly qualified teachers, with carefully planned lessons that include increasing amounts of facilitated independent study as the students near the end of their education.

Teaching Staff

Erica Stephanson – Class 1 Teacher

Lucie Walker – Class 2/3 Teacher

Katrina Bartholomew – Class 4/5 Teacher

Sarah Whiting – Class 6/7 Teacher

Graeme Whiting – Headmaster, Upper School Teacher

James Whiting – Head of Upper School

Raoul Spiegel – Physics Teacher

Tom Henley – Geography and Middle School Mathematics Teacher

Liz Pritchard –  Upper School Mathematics Teacher

Judyth Sassoon – Science Teacher

Ollie Whiting – Gym and Outdoor Education Teacher

Nikki Ellis – Upper School English Teacher

Nieves Tilling-Lopez – Spanish Teacher

Yael Hochenberg – Music, Sculpture Teacher

Mark Indge – Art, Woodwork Teacher

Isla Craik – Handwork Teacher

Sally Rees – Bookbinding Teacher