School Overview

The Acorn School is an independent, co-educational school which provides an invigorating, quality education for pupils from 7 to 18 years of age. The diverse curriculum integrates creative and physical activities with academic studies to form a unique, threefold structure designed to support and engage students throughout the various stages of their development.

everyoneAcademic studies are carefully balanced with subjects encompassing creative, physical and outdoor activities, which create a wholesome, rewarding programme that challenges and motivates students to think, learn and grow. The broad range of subjects is designed to engage and cultivate the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of every child, and to inspire them to create work that they can be proud of.

State examinations are not offered at The Acorn School as they create unnecessary pressures that can detract from true academic, personal and spiritual growth. Instead, the school features an internal examination and assessment system that encourages students to learn for the joy of learning, and helps to turn them into high-achieving young people who gain university entrance or confidently take their place in the world, with strength of character, academic potential and an excellent work ethic. Students pursuing university education direct from The Acorn School have excelled academically, achieving above average results. Those who choose not to take up their places in higher education have the skills required to succeed in their chosen careers.

The threefold structure is designed to develop and strengthen the elements of will, feeling and intellect in every student. Most subjects are taught in three or four week blocks, known as main lessons. Through the main lessons, students are able to study a wealth of subjects in depth, and create beautiful books with writing, art and diagrams about what they have learnt. An intrinsic part of the education is the three-day-rhythm: during the first day the teacher gives a presentation on a given topic. This may include doing experiments, giving anecdotes, looking at books from the library, etc. On the second day everything that was covered during the presentation is recalled by the students who may now take some notes. During the third day students work on either written or artistic elements related to the previous presentation. In this way information becomes part of the human being. These lessons are often complimented with cultural trips, ranging from local museums and walks in the Lower School to three week Art History Tours of France and Italy in the Upper School.

Parallel to the academic, the school programme focuses on building confidence and leadership through its exciting range of sports and outdoor activities. Physical education is a central part of the education at The Acorn School, with all students partaking in regular physical activity in the form of gymnastics, games and outdoor education. Every month the upper school students depart on a weekend away, with activities including mountain walking, Canadian canoeing, surfing, sailing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding and cycling.

Backed by a strong family community, the school aims to give children the opportunity to learn with a sense of purpose, to realise their full potential and become confident, conscientious, well-rounded individuals ready to step out into the world.