Ethos and Aims

The Acorn School is a family school where the children are at the heart of all we do. Our vision is to be a school that enables children to grow naturally, without unnecessary outside pressures, and so become well-rounded young adults. By cultivating individual growth in the three core areas of Thinking, Feeling, and Willing, we are able to help our students to become confident and conscientious achievers.

Since our earliest days, the presence and participation of parents has been instrumental in building the close community that we are today. These first Acorn parents helped to pave the way for an empowering form of education that encompasses both school life and the home environment, by uniting them under one set of values and creating a sustained space for our children that supports them throughout each stage of their development.

In this way, the education at Acorn is a team effort, and one that is dependent on parents’ active presence and participation. Our ability to work closely together as a community determines the success of a student’s education, and parents play a vital part in supporting their child on that journey. By upholding the philosophy underpinning the school, you will be joining us in ensuring the best possible experience for your child(ren) as they grow to meet their full potential.

The school offers a balanced programme of subjects and activities, designed to enhance a student’s learning experience by providing a stimulating educational environment. The school has always balanced its academic, classroom-based programme with a dynamic outdoor education curriculum, providing its students with a diverse range of experiences. Central to our vision for the future is our intention to make outdoor learning a cornerstone of the education we offer and to give our children even more opportunities to take receive teaching outside the classroom. We are delighted to have secured the use of an excellent outdoor learning environment, just 5-minutes walk from the school and are excited about this new natural learning environment where we plan to build a basic outdoor classroom, create an area for growing vegetables, and house our newly acquired bee hives.  This new addition to the school promises to provide wonderful opportunities for students throughout the school.

In choosing The Acorn School, you have chosen to invest in a beautiful vision for your child, and we are here to ensure that the vision, of a rewarding childhood and an excellent education is fully realised. We hope you will enjoy being a part of this special family, and we look forward to working closely with you throughout your child’s education.