Like-minded Schools

The Acorn School was created by Graeme and Sarah Whiting, in September 1991, and has been going from strength to strength ever since. The unique education offered has caught the interest of educationists across the country, and we are pleased to announce that The Acorn model of education has begun to inspire the establishment of like-minded schools.


Charities Supported by The Acorn School and Community

Acorn Overseas Charity for Children

Acorn Overseas Charity for ChildrenAcorn Overseas Charity for Children is a UK registered charity, started in January 2010 by Natasha Whiting, to support underprivileged children abroad. The aim is to provide them with food, shelter and education and to make sure that every penny raised goes directly to them.

The main focus of the charity over the past few years has been a small children’s shelter in the north west of Thailand on the Burmese border.

The Acorn School and its community supports this charity, started by the founder’s daughter Natasha, with fund-raising, and students from the upper school have been visiting the orphanage and volunteering during their final year at school for the past five years.