• ‘An outstanding education’

    Ofsted, 2012

  • ‘The free-expression of art stimulates the imagination that lies within each child’

  • ‘There is something for everyone in our diverse physical education programme’

  • ‘The best thing about Acorn: the people and the trips’

    William (Class 12)

The Vision of Acorn

Students graduating from The Acorn School are freethinking, upright, and moral human beings who are ready to take their place in the world.

The Acorn School is a co-educational, independent school in Gloucestershire, known for its unique approach in providing an outstanding holistic education for children age 6 to 18. Established by Graeme Whiting in 1991, the education in the lower school encompasses the main elements of Graeme Whiting’s life work in education, while upper school students receive a stimulating and highly academic programme, supported by our own internal examination and assessment system. Every student who has applied to university direct from The Acorn School has achieved a place, without state examinations. Furthermore, we have received ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted reports in 2005, 2009, and 2012, concluding that: ‘Students leave the school as well educated, intelligently-opinionated, free-thinking adults’ (Ofsted, 2012). Life at Acorn in pictures.


The broad range of academic subjects is designed to engage and cultivate the intellectual ability of each and every child. All our pupils find their true potential at their own pace without the pressures of state examinations.


The physical and outdoor education programme at The Acorn School is designed to instil confidence, physical ability, team building and decision making in its students. Throughout the school, academic lessons are balanced with physical education lessons and outward-bound trips.


Art lessons feature as an integral part of the education and from an early age students go on cultural trips to link their classroom experiences with the outside world. In the upper school students go on a four-week tour of Italy and France, showcasing the art studied in the History of Art main lesson.

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